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Hi welcome to the official "Bieber US Kingdom" Tumblr. :) We are 2 belieber sisters named ; "Lexi" & "Chelsee" We post nothing but Justin Drew Bieber/Biebs/JB/SexPanther/Purple-Ninja Whatever you like to call him.(; We've been fans of him since his first video ever. My sister Lexi was Justins OLLG at one of his concerts. (: She felt nothing but blessed. She was crying so badly.(': She said Justins eyes took her to another planet.(; ---- But anyway, we're 2 very supportive beliebers to Justin. We love him so much. & nothing will ever take that away. He came from such a small town, he gives us hope. -- But we hope to be a very big tumblr page for you guys to love (: We also hope to be noticed by Justin on twitter. Our main goal in life is to give back to others. <3 Well if you love Justin.Drew.Bieber, FOLLOW US! -- oh btw, heres proof to show when we started supporting Justin ; PURPLE MONKEY DISH WASHER.!!!! Only the real and old beliebers will remember that.(; ~Chelsee & Lexi~ ----- hit counter
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allfredoflores: he had a tattoo done, lol.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. lmao.

12 May